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Welcome to the second year. of the Art Song Festival! This year we are thrilled to deliver the festival live at KM Music Conservatory (KMMC) in Chennai, as we had originally planned for 2020. Building on the partnership between KMMC and Trinity laban International Academies which began with our 2021 virtual festival, this year we will host a series of live masterclasses, as well as online events so that we can continue to reach audiences worldwide.

Art song is a favourite genre for performers and audiences of Western Classical music. Usually written for solo singer and pianist and performed in concert halls rather than theatres, it offers audiences a more intimate performance experience than opera and requires finely nuanced delivery from performers. The songs set works by great poets, allowing singer and pianist to work together as equals to communicate sublimely beautiful poetry and music. 

This year's festival includes masterclasses for singer and pianist duos, and for composers, as well as a performance competition for singer and pianist duos. If you are selected for the competition, you will also participate in one of the masterclasses. The competition is open to singer and piano duos (both live and online entires). You can be a student, recent graduate or professional musician. For full details please see the rules and regulations. 

This year's festival will also feature a concert tour, bringing guest artists to India in live performances of art song. We are particularly proud to feature new art songs written by Indian composers in our performances.

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Welcome from our Festival Director


Welcome to the Art Song Festival 2022! This year we're delighted to be able to host the festival live at KM Music Conservatory, Chennai, and to include a concert tour of art songs and new works. After the 2020 festival was cancelled due to the pandemic, and the 2021 festival delivered virtually due to ongoing restrictions, we're so excited to return to live music-making, working with musicians on the performance and composition of art song. 

We hope that this year's festival will encourage musicians and audiences in India to discover the rich musical world of art song, and provide a platform for performers to showcase their talents. We also want to support composers in the writing of new art songs, and invite submissions to the festival for recording projects. We are delighted to welcome our judges, Jennifer Hamilton, Karl Lutchmayer and Patricia Rozario OBE, and our composition workshop leader Dr James Bunch, all extremely experienced performers and educators who will work with selected young musicians and help them develop their crafts. 

All of our events will be free to attend at KM Music Conservatory and will also be live-streamed online. We look forward to welcoming you in July. 

Nina Kanter
Art Song Festival Director


Patricia Rozario OBE

Professorial Staff - Voice
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance; and Royal College of Music


Jennifer Hamilton

Head of Vocal Studies
Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

IMG_2085 copy.JPG

Karl Lutchmayer

International Concert Pianist and Music Educator

Our Experts

Watch an art song performance

'Wo die Berge so blau' from An die ferne Geliebte

Soprano: Nina Kanter
Pianist: Karl Lutchmayer

Performance of Beethoven's 'Wo die Berge so blau' from An die ferne Geliebte Op. 98, during the Bangalore International Centre's 'Beethoven Variations event'. 

Beethoven's An die ferne Geliebte ('To the distant beloved'), composed in 1816, is thought to be the earliest example of a song cycle: a Romantic musical form which uses several art songs performed together to tell the story of a character. In An die ferne Geliebte, a lovesick man sings songs for his distant love, dreaming that she will hear them and sing them back to him, joining their hearts together. In this song, 'Wo die Berge so blau' ('Where the mountains so blue'), the narrator longs for the peace found in nature, as it brings him closer to his beloved.


Songs Old and New
Concert at Bangalore International Centre, 17th July, 6.30pm

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